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Neuro Linguistic Programming- (NLP), is a subjective, forward-thinking methodology based on powerful questioning and visualization techniques, which help to bring awareness to certain deep beliefs, conditioning, and memories of the past, that lay dormant within your mind.

These beliefs and memories get triggered whenever we are faced with similar situations, experiences, or people in the present, which sets off an automated loop of feelings and behavior towards the trigger.

These expressions of feelings like fear, panic, and anger are self-limiting, self-inflicted and prevent us from experiencing life to our full potential.

 Once we are aware of that belief or memory which triggers our programmed responses, we can then train our mind to use the resources and capabilities within, to choose the response we want to any situation, at will. This then results in freedom from emotional disturbances, no matter what the trigger outside is.

NLP is a great coaching tool and motivator to take you from your present situation, whatever that may be, to a future you envision, control, and manifest yourself.

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