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Neuro Linguistic Programming- (NLP), is a subjective, forward-thinking methodology based on powerful questioning and visualization techniques, which help to bring awareness to certain deep beliefs, conditioning, and memories of the past, that lay dormant within your mind.

These beliefs and memories get triggered whenever we are faced with similar situations, experiences, or people in the present, which sets off an automated loop of feelings and behavior towards the trigger.

These expressions of feelings like fear, panic, and anger are self-limiting, self-inflicted and prevent us from experiencing life to our full potential.

 Once we are aware of that belief or memory which triggers our programmed responses, we can then train our mind to use the resources and capabilities within, to choose the response we want to any situation, at will. This then results in freedom from emotional disturbances, no matter what the trigger outside is.

NLP is a great coaching tool and motivator to take you from your present situation, whatever that may be, to a future you envision, control, and manifest yourself.

Do We Have Free Will?



I have always been intrigued with this age-old debate on Free Will.

I look at my present reality and I feel I make my own choices. I choose what I want to eat, where I want to work, and who I would like to meet.

However, over the years I have read several Religious and Spiritual texts claiming that everything in life is a planned event and we are just playing out the movie of our destiny as we go through life with an illusion of free will.

Let’s introspect this dilemma together with one example:

  1. If I invite you to a buffet for lunch, with veg food on the right table and non- veg on the left table. Both tables have a selection of dishes from different cuisines. You would probably go towards the table of your choice and choose exactly what you want to eat from all the various dishes present.  You feel you have used your free will to decide what to eat and what to avoid. Right?
  2. Now consider this, “what specifically prompted you to choose the dishes on your plate?” Was it cultural or religious belief, your upbringing or a belief that one food is better than the other, or simply the memory of the taste of the food the last time you had it. Whatever the reason you chose those dishes and rejected all the others, the chances are whenever you go for a buffet or to a restaurant you always choose the same dishes.

So, the question is, do we really have the choice to choose what we want from all the various offerings on display or are we compelled by our beliefs, conditioning, upbringing, and memories to always choose the same things that make us comfortable and safe, and avoid that which is different and out of our comfort zone? We tend to face the same challenges even if the characters and situations change. We normally find ourselves unconsciously caught up in a habituated pattern of thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes, and experiences.

Is there a way out? Once we become aware of our beliefs, thoughts, and conditioning, we can introspect on how they influence our lives and impacts our ability to freely choose from all that is being offered. We can then consciously choose what congruently works for us and what does not. We can use this awareness to reframe our beliefs, neutralize our memories, stretch our thinking, realign our values and create new choices, possibilities, and experiences in life.

We do have free will but only when we are consciously, and totally aware of making a choice in the present moment, failing which, our life is a series of automatic thoughts and behavior patterns that trap us in our illusionary reality of free will.



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What do you do when you feel anxious, fearful, angry, stressed or maybe irritated?

Do you:

  1. Count to ten and then respond
  2. Take a few deep breaths
  3. Get away from the situation
  4. Just remain silent and let the situation pass

All good advice that definitely helps in RESPONDING to any situation rather than REACTING to it in the normal automated manner based on thoughts, emotions and feeling.

But the question here is, does it really help you cope with the issue, the situation, the person, or any experience on a long term basis, or is this just a quick fix for the moment?

In most schools of Psychology, the advice is always to dig deep within the issue to find the source, in which lies the reason for the issue and also the solution.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), is one such visualization methodology, similar to Meditation and Breathing techniques to spontaneous bring awareness to deep self -limiting beliefs and memories that traps us in automated loops of reaction to any particular stimulus from the outside. Awareness, once experienced, then results in complete freedom from emotional disturbances no matter what the trigger outside is.

If you would like to know more about Neuro Linguistic Programming and how it can help you, please send me a message and we can connect.


As an NLP and Mindfulness Coach and practitioner, I am very interested in how the mind can influence our Physiological reality based on our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

From experimental studies and psycho-physiological mechanisms, it has been proven scientifically that, psychological stress when continued over a long period of time causes diseases in the body. The question is, when one becomes emotionally disturbed why is organic illness not seen immediately? This would have been beneficial as the illness itself would have been enough to teach us the value and the need to retain emotional balance.

The scientific fact is that our body has a large amount of reserve capacity. For example our heart possess four to six times more capacity than the minimum required. Thus, only when the capacity of the heart is reduced 4 to 6 times below normal do we suffer a heart failure. Similarly, a good surgeon can remove 12 feet of the of the small intestine out of the 22 feet of its normal length without harming digestion. In the same way, he can remove one kidney without reducing the normal performance. Our bone marrow can increase the production of red blood cells almost 7 times when required. The fact is then, that every emotional disturbance does not cause a disease or depletion of the organ’s reserve capacity. It’s only when all the reserve capacity of the organ is depleted do we see clinical symptoms. This process could take many years before any symptom is seen and a clinical diagnosis is made. This is why psychological stress is called a slow poison.

So, is stress in small quantities a good thing ? Some very successful individuals have said that stress is the single most important motivator to push you forward towards making and reaching goals. It acts as an invisible coach to push you towards activity from lethargy, towards achieving outcomes from procrastination.

What do you think ? Is mental peace and stability major factors in the prevention of deadly diseases, or is stress a useful tool? I would love to hear your comments on this issue.

Concept adopted from the book “Positive health" by Raja Yoga meditation.

3 Ways to be Successful & Happy

In our present post Covid world that is constantly changing, we all need simple but effective ways to build confident and successful lives -the ones that keep us inspired, able to reinvent ourselves and feel energetic about what we do.

The three easiest ways to be successful and happy:

  1. Get in touch with who you really are at your deepest level of being to stay authentic and aligned with all that is. This is your field of all possibilities, resources, learning, inspiration, compassion and alignment with the self.
  • 2. Be flexible and resilient about how things are rather than how you would like them to be. Be ready to adapt and embrace changes. Remember the person with the most flexibility in thinking and behaviour is most influencing and most able to overcome all challenges.
  • 3. Finally, find time each day to be kind to someone, help someone meet their goals or find what they are looking for. This is a sure shot method to receiving that what you are looking for in life. Give from your heart that, what you need most in your life and be open to receiving it.

The Map is NOT The Territory

“Our Map of the World, is only a limited view of the whole Territory, which is full of opportunities, possibilities and learning, that we choose not to see and experience.

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As a NPL coach and practitioner, I am most inclined towards the 12 Pre – Suppositions of NLP, which lays the foundation upon which all the learning, wisdom and transformation of the mind happens.

The first one is perhaps the most valuable which states that “The Map is not the Territory”. In a nutshell, as we go through life from childhood to Adulthood, we navigate a path for ourselves which is comfortable, familiar and pleasurable to our senses, while we tend to reject all that which does not fit in with our beliefs, values, conditioning and memories.  We, unconsciously condition our minds to a pattern of thoughts and behaviours which become our Map of the World, by which we express ourselves in our World. Our Map of the World, is only a limited view of the whole Territory, which is full of opportunities, possibilities and learning, that we choose not to see and experience.

This NLP Pre – Suppositions teaches us about acceptance, tolerance and understanding for the way people think and express themselves both in their verbal and body language. Most people are unaware of their patterns and the way they express themselves through language and behavior. It makes us rethink the last conflict we had with someone due to a different point of view or a futile argument to prove a point of view, as there is no right and wrong, as each one’s point of view is unique, based on their filters within their mind.

This also gives us a direction to understand the reason for conflict in most relationships at work or personal life. All we need to do is be open and inclusive, to try a new path, a new possibility a new opportunity and a new way of thinking and perceiving life. It is easy to shift beliefs, stretch thinking, realign values and overcome blocks once we are aware of them.

If you are ready to take your first step towards your journey on the path less travelled. If you are ready for more information, learning and knowing, you are at the right place and time in your life. Use the opportunity to transform and break free to reach fulfilment and success in every area of life.

If you would like to be coached by Neita Turner, a certified NLP Coach & Practitioner, please email us at nlp.uturnyourlife@gmail.com

Be it coaching, mindfulness or all rounded well-being, we at U-Turn are committed to empowering individuals as well as organisations to achieve life changing results using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We shape the leaders of tomorrow, budding entrepreneurs, already empowered homemakers and anyone willing to commit to being the best version of themselves. Our aim is to help everyone reach their peak potentials.

All About U-Turn

Neita Turner, the founder at U-Turn is a passionate, conscientious and committed professional, ICF Certified NLP Coach and Practitioner with over 100 hours of coaching experience. For the last 33 years she has built a repertoire in the aviation industry. Recruitment, coaching, management as well as leadership are some aspects of her expertise. She endeavours to empower people to reach their peak potential by unlocking various blocks in life masked in the form of beliefs.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a subjective, forward -thinking methodology, that uses tools and techniques to uncover hidden beliefs, conditioning and memories that prevent us from reaching our peak potential.  Just like a computer needs its software to be updated from time to time in order to function at optimum capacity, in the same way our inner beliefs, conditionings need to be re-programmed to align with who we are becoming and where we want to be in life. How we think, feel and process experiences are all understood under this domain. Through NLP, it is possible to achieve excellence in any aspect of your life, be it personal, interpersonal or professional.

What we do at U-Turn?

Be it coaching, mindfulness or all rounded well-being, we at U-Turn are committed to empowering individuals as well as organisations to achieve life changing results using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We shape the leaders of tomorrow, budding entrepreneurs, already empowered homemakers and anyone willing to commit to being the best version of themselves. Our aim is to help everyone reach their peak potentials.

Why the name U-Turn?

There are times in life when you feel stuck in a situation, be it personal or work oriented, we find it tough to escape. This is when NLP can help you make a full U – turn in any aspect of your life which includes seeing a point of exit or an upward spiral.  People deserve to be in touch with who they really are because in doing so, you find your own solutions hidden under your limiting thoughts.

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