As an NLP and Mindfulness Coach and practitioner, I am very interested in how the mind can influence our Physiological reality based on our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

From experimental studies and psycho-physiological mechanisms, it has been proven scientifically that, psychological stress when continued over a long period of time causes diseases in the body. The question is, when one becomes emotionally disturbed why is organic illness not seen immediately? This would have been beneficial as the illness itself would have been enough to teach us the value and the need to retain emotional balance.

The scientific fact is that our body has a large amount of reserve capacity. For example our heart possess four to six times more capacity than the minimum required. Thus, only when the capacity of the heart is reduced 4 to 6 times below normal do we suffer a heart failure. Similarly, a good surgeon can remove 12 feet of the of the small intestine out of the 22 feet of its normal length without harming digestion. In the same way, he can remove one kidney without reducing the normal performance. Our bone marrow can increase the production of red blood cells almost 7 times when required. The fact is then, that every emotional disturbance does not cause a disease or depletion of the organ’s reserve capacity. It’s only when all the reserve capacity of the organ is depleted do we see clinical symptoms. This process could take many years before any symptom is seen and a clinical diagnosis is made. This is why psychological stress is called a slow poison.

So, is stress in small quantities a good thing ? Some very successful individuals have said that stress is the single most important motivator to push you forward towards making and reaching goals. It acts as an invisible coach to push you towards activity from lethargy, towards achieving outcomes from procrastination.

What do you think ? Is mental peace and stability major factors in the prevention of deadly diseases, or is stress a useful tool? I would love to hear your comments on this issue.

Concept adopted from the book “Positive health" by Raja Yoga meditation.

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